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Simple and efficient software

Here is a summary of what we can do:

  • Integrate existing development teams for specific projects
  • Advice and help for installing or updating a software and/or hardware infrastructure
  • Mutlithread application server (native or Java) on Linux, Windows, IBMi, ...
  • Design tools or custom libraries on any platform
  • Design custom PHP extension... (C++ development)
  • Any project you may have... Contact us!

Our areas of expertise

  • Languages on Unix/Windows: C, C++, C#, .NET, Delphi, PHP, WinDev, Java ...
  • Languages on IBMi platforms: C, C++, CLP, Java, ...
  • Technical systems: Web Services (SOAP, JSON), Client/Server, TCP/IP multithread server technologies...
  • System-level development, business development, ...
  • Develop any software or library for your business

Business areas

  • Business, Accounting, production management
  • Insurance business
  • Telephony (call centers on Genesys for example)
  • Scientific computing

Headquarters: 25 rue de Launay 91400 ORSAY FRANCE - Phone: +33 184 170 439 email:
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